Metron QA-VTM Ventilators Tester


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Metron QA-VTM Ventilators Testing System, in Very Good Physical and operational condition, similar to photos displayed.

  • RM Number(s): 9142
  • Supplied with:
    • Mains cable
    • Operating manual
  • This tester Can be offered with New calibration and 12 months certificate at extra cost
  • 100-240V AC, 60/50Hz
  • Version: 3.14
    • Unique Doppler Measuring Technology – patent pending
    • Independent of gas agents used for testing: O2, Air, N2O or mixtures
    • Tests High Frequency Ventilators (Breadth Rates from 0 to 600 BPM – 10 Hz
    • Tests with or without optional test loads (simulated lungs)
    • Simultaneous display of multiple parameter (e.g. rate, volume, flow, PEEP)
    • Tests infant, paediatric, and and adult ventilators Trend testing- up to 48 hours (with ansur)
    • High accuracy and resolution
    • Simple to operate
    • Centronics printer interface/ RS-232 computer interface
    • User-defined test protocols using ansur QA-VT
    • Pressure, flow, and volume wave forms using ansur QA-VTM
    • Bi-directional measurements
    • QA_VTM offers man unique features for verifying the performance of infant, pediatric, and adult mechanical ventilators (breathing machines). Unlike any other tester, QA-VTM makes it easy to add a test load (lung simulation) to the test system without corrupting the results.
    • Ventilation parameters including breath rate, inspiratory and expiratory timing, I.E. ratio, flow rates, tidal volume, and airway pressure can be checked. Flow, pressure, and volume measurements can also be checked. Flow, pressure, and volume measurements can also be independently made. For the purposes of troubleshooting or verifying operation, a Trend Test can be selected and performed. This test allows you to run a ventilation measurements.
    • For greater automation and enhanced viewing of the test data, you may want to utilize the ansur QA-VTM test software. With ansur you can remotely control the unit, create and save unique test sequences for each brand or model of ventilator, perform automated tests, and print the results and /or store them to disk. ansur also allows viewing of pressure, volume, and flow waveforms, which can be useful in diagnosing problems or validating a ventilator’s own on-screen display
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