Fluke INCU Incubator Analyzer


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Fluke INCU Incubator Analyzer, in very good physical and operational condition, its actual photo displayed.

  • Can be Offered with a fresh calibration certificate at extra cost.
  • Version: 3.02
  • Supplied with: 
  • • A Transport/Carry Bag, P/N 2248900
    • An Air Flow Sensor, P/N 2239025
    • PC Software CD ROM, P/N 2213919 (English & French)
    • AC/DC Battery Charger 100-240VAC/ 47-63Hz/ 600mA 
    • 9-Pin to 9-Pin Serial Cable, P/N 2238834
    • Outside Temperature Probe Holder, P/N 2213928
    • Adapter for Radiant Baby Assembly, P/N 2239002
  • • Operating Manual (English & French)

Fluke INCU Features:

The INCU is an incubator analyzer, designed around AAMI and IEC standards, that specifies temperature, humidity, sound and airflow characteristics of incubators Infant warmers.

  • Portability (sitting in place of infant within incubator)
  • Single-instrument measurement and documentation for key infant-incubator parameters
  • Measurement for most parameters according to IEC and AAMI standards
  • Time-saving in testing critical infant incubators
  • Windows software for evaluation and documentation
  • Numerical and graphical reports
  • Adjustable measurement intervals
  • Standalone, or full function/Automated when connected to a computer 

The INCU Incubator Analyzer is a portable device designed to verify the
proper operation and environment of infant incubators. This unit records
parameters important to the care of infants over time, such as airflow, sound
level, temperature (four individual measurement probes), and relative
humidity. Event markers can be placed on the recording to identify certain
activities or periods. The rechargeable battery allows the unit to be placed
within the incubator chamber for up to 24 hours without compromising the
integrity of the environment.
The INCU can operate stand-alone or with the use of a personal computer.
With a PC, the user selects the desired record time/interval via the software,
and then initiates the start of the test from the INCU. After completion of the
test, the user uploads the data collected by INCU into the PC software for
display and analysis. The user may store the recorded data in a file or print
the data to a report. In stand-alone mode, the unit displays all measured
parameters repeatedly in cycle fashion, and no data is recorded.

INCU is an autonomous acquisition system that is used to measure and save
the operational parameters of an empty incubator, and then transmit data via
a serial communications port. INCU provides, in a single unit, the
measurement systems that allow you to record the multiple parameters
The following measurement parameters are recorded:
Temperature – 4 Sensors T1-T4
Relative Humidity – 1 Sensor
Air Flow – 1 Sensor
Sound – 1 Sensor

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