Siemens Antares Premium 4D/3D Scanner


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Siemens Antares Premium 4D/3D Scanner, in very good physical and operational condition, scanner’s actual photos displayed.

  • Stating price indicated with 1 standard probe, any extra probes of the blow list can be added at extra cost.
RM Number(s):  9001
Item(s) Serial Number(s):  114203
Manufacture Date:  2006 with 2010 software 
Model Number:  10032746
Technical Data:
Voltage (V):  230~
Frequency (Hz):  50/60
Ampere (A):  6.5
Additional Information:
Supplied with:
  • Mitsubishi P93D printer
  • DVD writer – built-in
  • Operating manual.
Can be Supplied with: Any of the these listed 7 probes/transducers (all subject to availability):

  • CH4-1, Convex probe, model: 07472256, for: Adult abdomen, OB/GYN, foetal echo, pelvis, and renal
  • EC9-4, Endo probe, model: 04839549, For: Prostate (endo-rectal),OB/GYN (endo-vaginal), and neonatal head
  • CH6-2, Convex probe, model: 07465672, for: Adult Abdomen, Paediatric Abdomen, OB/GYN, Foetal Echo, Pelvis, Renal, Vascular
  • P10-4, Phased Array probe, model: 07472272, for: Neonatal head, Abdomen, Paediatric Abdomen, Paediatric Echo, Neonatal Echo, Pelvis and Renal
  • VF13-5, Linear probe, model: 04838848, for: Breast, thyroid, testicle and MSK
  • VFX9-4, Linear probe, model: 05936337, for: OB/GYN, foetal heart, testicle, thyroid, breast, penile, musculoskeletal, orthopaedics, and pelvis
  • C7F2, 4D Volume, model: 07481935, a wide bandwidth 1.9 – 6.4 MHz curved array Abdomen, Early Obstetrics, Fetal Echo, Obstetrics, Gynecology.



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