ERBE VIO 300D with APC2 Argon System


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System is in excellent physical condition and is fully operational.


  • Automatic output dosage for all regulative technologies.
  • Precise power output adjusted to the individual indication.
  • New and improved CUT and COAG functions.
  • Variable configuration with socket modules.
  • Upgrades for specific medical specialties are possible at any time.
  • Simple, interactive and safe operation using the TFT display and FocusView.
  • Individually configurable programs in simple text: switch on the unit and begin working.
  • Plug and play: plug in the instrument, start work.
  • ReMode function: “remote control” via the handle or foot switch straight from the sterile field.
  • Assignment of the footswitch: the display makes it possible to assign the footswitch or even just one footswitch pedal to the output socket of choice.