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LUT wide angele 2mm Hystroscopes set, Storz compatible


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LUT wide-angle 2mm 30 deg thin Hystroscope, in very good condition, its actual photo displayed.

  • German made
  • Storz compatible
  • 2mm diameter, 30 deg, 258mm long wide-angle Hystroscope
  • With 2.6mm, 225mm long Diagnostic sheath and 1 LUER Lock valves
  • With 4.3mm, 190mm long operative Sheath, 2 pcs, Oval outer shape, with 5Fr working channel and 2 LUER Lock valves

*** This system can work as a Pediatric Cystoscope as well.

*** Extra items can be added to this set:

  1. LUT Hystroscope  2mm diameter, 0 deg, 258mm long, wide-angle  add extra £900
  2. Flexible instruments (Biopsy forceps, Scissors & grasping forceps) can be supplied at extra £280 each.