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Olympus Hystro-Resectoscope Set


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Olympus Hystro-Resectoscope OES-PRO Set, in excellent physical and operational condition, set’s actual photo displayed.

*** This Olympus Hystro-Resectoscope consists of:

  • Olympus A22005A 30 degree or 12 deg Wide Angle Telescope
  • Olympus A22061A Working Element Passive
  • OLYMPUS A42011A OES-PRO CFR 8mm Inner Sheath
  • Olympus A42021A OES-PRO CFR outer sheath, 8.5 mm/26 Fr. with 2 stopcocks, rotatable.
  • Olympus A22081A OES-Pro Obturator 24Fr.
  • Olympus A00012A HF cable, monopolar, 4 m length & 8mm male plug, can be used with Compatible HF units: Olympus UES-30/-40, Erbe International, new generation Valleylab, Bovie, Bowa
  • Olympus A2183 x 1 HF-resection electrode, loop, 12°, 0.35 wire
  • Olympus A2189 x 2 28FR roller ball electrodes


*** Main Features: The recent launch of OES-Pro system allowed the Olympus add in your line the longest, lighter and thinner rotary market resectoscope. This locking device includes a logic system which enables the fast, easy and safe connection in all resectoscopes interfaces. Lighter, longer, thinner. The lighter rotary market resectoscope (248 grams) compared to comparable size appliances – reduces fatigue and improves comfort. The longest rotary market resectoscope (194 mm) compared to comparable size appliances – allows better positioning of the resectoscope in a wide variety of anatomies of patients. The finest rotary market resectoscope (8.6 mm or 26 Fr.) in relation to comparable size appliances – less need for dilation of the cervix. Extremely balanced instrument – reduces fatigue and improves comfort. Rest for the highly ergonomic finger – allows better control, handling and comfort in handling the resectoscope. Logical Locking System (LLS) – the interfaces between the components have features to connect and disconnect extremely easy and still offer a very secure locking system. Feature retroactive adjustment – this new resectoscope OES-Pro is compatible with the telescopes of previous generations (OES 4000 and OES 2 systems). There is no need to replace older fully functional telescopes. Material – all components of the system are resectoscope constructed of chemically resistant stainless steel and other durable materials. This constitution contributes greatly to the instrument longevity. Taps – are now made of stainless steel (not chrome brass) and the internal valve is made of Teflon, a component that is virtually maintenance. Ceramic nozzle – extremely durable. The perpetual guarantee against thermal damage symbolizes the Olympus confidence in their products. Anti-lock system (Anti-Blocking System -ABS) – patented feature that allows the physician to maintain proper stretching through the continuous flow of liquid even when the exit holes of the outer jacket are being blocked.