WISAP Tetraflator 45


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Details: WISAP Themo Pneu Tetraflator 45, High Flow electronic 45 litre CO2 insufflator, in excellent physical and operational condition, Unit actual photo displayed.
RM Number(s):  9157
Item(s) Serial Number(s):  912030
Additional Information:
Full Specification:
  • Software Version: 1.55
  • REF: 7083
  • Pressure preselection: 3-28 mmHg
  • Insufflation pressure: 0-50 mmHg
  • Static intraabdominal pressure: 0-28 mmHg
  • Gas flow: LOW-FLO 1 l/min & HI-FLO 5-45 l/min
  • Dimensions: w x h x d = 350 x 140 x 310 mm
  • Weight: 7,2 kg
  • 220-240V 50/60Hz
Supplied with:
  • NEW re-usable Heating Tube, REF: 7642HS
  • Filter adaptor & filter
  • Pin-Index Yoke with 1m High-pressure connection tubing, REF: 9919.

— Main Features:

  • ** Unique Quadro-Test having proven worthwhile a thousand times for the benefit of the patient consisting of: insufflation pressure, gas flow, gas consumption, intraabdominal pressure.
  • ** By the unique display of current gas flow, products showing an excessive flow resistance (e. g. very thin trocar sleeves) can easily be detected and replaced by high-flow products (trocars, Veres needles etc.).
  • ** Gas valve can be activated for automatic alreduction of intraabdominal overpressure. Highest safety to the patient by two pressure reducers incl. 3 overpressure valves.
  • ** Automatic computer-supported check on device soft- and hardware when turning the unit on.
  • ** Uncomparable possibility of selecting the insufflation mode (intermittent or low pressure). Setting of the requested insufflation parameter can be carried out directly at the unit.
  • ** Integrated preheating of gas to body temperature, which has been finding a ready market for years, efficiently prevents, in conjunction with preheated irrigation fluid, hypothermia of the pneumoperitoneum during prolonged operative interventions.
  • ** Low-Flow (1 l/min.), as well as adjustable High-Flow up to 45 l/min. The preselectable intraabdominal pressure (3 to 28 mmHg) allows for accurate adaption to the respective patient.
  • ** Clear arrangement of all necessary device data by large TFT-screen in different languages.
  • ** All secondary functions for surveilling bottleor central-pressure, gas preheating, insufflation mode etc. are clearly displayed, acoustically supported and also supported through voice in different languages. The menu bar permanently shows the possibility of adjustment and preselection.
  • ** Optical and acoustical warning, if pressure is different to preselected value. Loudness adjustable.
  • ** Device is available for central station or cylinder fitting.
  • ** Multi-Languages Display: in German, English, Italian, Spanish, French.
  • ** Uncomparable possibility of selecting the insufflation mode (intermittent or low pressure). 
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