Wellhofer WD 10 Dosimeter


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1 in stock

Wellhofer WD 10 X-ray Dosimeter, in very good physical and operational condition, its actual photo displayed.

  • Supplied with: Detector H / DN – 2 X
  • It can be supplied with a fresh calibration certificate at extra cost.
  • Features:
    • The WD 10  is a compact microprocessor – based dosimeter and exposure timer in one unit. Only one exposure is needed for measurements of dose, dose rate, exposure time and number of radiation pulses.
    • A programming feature permits different measuring conditions
    • The microprocessor handles
      • auto ranging
      • background compensation
      • error codes
      • resetting
  • Application:
    • X – ray tube output, x- ray generator accuracy, reproducibility, linearity, exposure time
    • Testing of automatic dose rate control for fluoroscopy
    • Radiographic skin dose measurements in manual and automatic exposure control ( AEC ) settings
    • Film dose measurements