Pronk SimCube SC-2 NIBP Simulator with ECG/Resp/Pacer


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Pronk SimCube SC-2 NIBP, ECG/Resp/Pacer Simulator, in good physical and operational condition, its actual photo displayed.

  • *** This tester Can be offered with New calibration and 12 months certificate at extra cost.
  • *** Why carry a manometer and separate NIBP and ECG/Resp simulators when you can have them all combined in a convenient, compact package? Features one-button operation for quick testing of patient monitors.
  • *** The SC-2 SimCube® NIBP Simulators are compact, affordable and easy to use. This hand-held simulator quickly and accurately determine whether or not a monitor’s NIBP feature is working to spec. As cuff pressure changes, SimCube simulates real-life oscillometric pulses by varying both the size and shape of the wave.
  • *** This configuration of SimCube includes four NIBP modes: Manometer (0-480mmHg), Adult (120/80mmHg), Neonatal (70/40mmHg), and Hypertensive (190-120mmHg), with the addition of 10 snaps for 3-,5-, or 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) simulation. Pacer simulation and respiration simulation allow testing of primary patient monitor hardware circuits.