RIGEL BP-SiM NIBP Simulator/Tester – New


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1 in stock

SEAWARD RIGEL BP-SiM Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Analyser (NIBP Simulator) – New, its actual photo displayed.

  • Brand NEW with warranty.
  • Offered with a fresh calibration certificate.
  • Made in 2018
  • Supplied in its original box with standard accessories.


  • Accurate life-like simulation
  • Hand-held and battery powered
  • On-board memory and keyboard
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Manufacturer O-curves
  • Internal pump
  • Prepared for PPM protocols
  • Full keyboard
  • The Rigel BP-SiM is a handheld NIBP simulator, incorporating a range of custom settings that include a variety of paediatric and adult NIBP pressure simulations, pulse volume adjustments, heart rate, manometer mode, and manufacturer-specific envelopes, referred to as O-curves.
  • Combining full performance features with large capacity internal memory, graphics screen, keyboard, and battery operation, make the Rigel BP-SIM NIBP simulator power tool for biomedical test professionals.
  • Static pressure calibration and leakage tests can be easily performed thanks to its internal pump.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to a range of accessories and Med-eBase, comprehensive database software, ensures fast and easy download of test results, managing your asset database, creation of test sequences and producing test certificates.

Technical Specification:

NIBP Simulation
Waveform Oscillometric
Envelopes (O-curves) Click here for a list of up-to-date curves.
Simulation via T connection into Cuff and monitor
Pulse Volume High, Medium, Low, paediatric
Heart Rate 1 – 300 bpm
Integrated Pump 0 to 350 mmHg user configurable
Leak Test User configurable between 0-350mmHg
Chronometer Configurable upto 999 secs
Overpressure Automatic (max 410 mmHg)
Digital Manometer 0 – 410 mmHg
Accuracy +/- 0.5% FS
Pressure Units mmHg, inHg, kg/cm2, cmH2O, mBar, PSI, inH2O and kPa
General Specifications
Operation Battery cell, insitu charge
Battery Charger 110-230VAC, 50/60 Hz
Battery Life Standby approximately 8 hours or 100 NIBP simulations
Memory Capacity Approximately 10,000 records
Communication Via Bluetooth
Display Monochorme, ¼ VGA full graphics
Keypad Alpha-numeric
Weight <1 kg
Size (L x W x D) 270 x 110 x 75 mm / 10.5 x 4 x 3″
Operating Conditions 10-30’C, 0-90% RH – NC
Storage Environment -15′ – +60’C
Environmental Protection IP 40
Part Number: 370A910