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THD Anopress system, in very good physical and operational condition, its actual photos displayed.

  • Ref No: 700020
  • Supplied with: 
    • THD Anopress anorectal manometer measuring Unit 
    • 80 x pcs of New THD PressProbe Env Ref: 800144
    • 20 x pcs of New THD PressProbe Box Ref: 800141A
    • Power Supply/Charger.
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  • Features and advantage:
    • The THD Anopress system offers exclusive features and advantages:
      • A compact, light-weighted, battery operated and compatible with most PCs. The manometer can be connected with most PCs and laptops via Bluetooth for data filing, printing, or data sharing.
      • A Portable anal manometer providing measurements of whole anal canal pressures.
      • Equipped with an LED screen that provides the real time display of pressure values both numerically and graphically. Manual controls on the frontal panel make it possible to move through the different phases of the exam.
      • Quick and easy to use:
        • the doctor can carry out the test independently without the assistance of nursing staff.
        • rapid learning curve.
        • it does not require a lengthy patient preparation before the examination.
        • suitable for immediate use in different contexts, from the clinic to the patient’s home.
        • short exam duration: from 5 to 10 minutes.
    • Direct interpretation of data:
      • average pressure values immediately available during the exam.
      • numerical and graphic display of the results in real time.
      • intuitive functional diagnosis and assessment of muscle activity.
      • immediate evaluation and interpretation of the data by the specialist without the need to contact external centres.
    • Precise and standardised:
      • accurate analysis of pressure values during different functional phases.
      • standardised and replicable values, independent from the operator and from the instruments.
      • self-calibration for a precise and continuous pressure measurement along the entire anal canal.
      • automatic activation of the system without the need for initial calibration.
      • pressure data and examination reports stored in dedicated patient files.
    • Compact and lightweight:
      • ergonomic.
      • easily transportable.
      • lightweight: only 630 gr.
    • Cost-effective:
      • system with limited maintenance.
      • single-use probes which do not require maintenance.
  • Indications:
    • The most frequent indications for clinical anorectal manometry are:
      • active and passive faecal incontinence.
      • obstructed defecation syndrome.
      • chronic constipation.
      • obstetric damage or post-partum sphincter lesions.
      • lesions of the peripheral nervous system due to trauma, diabetes or sclerosis.
      • pre-operative or post-operative monitoring of sphincter repair operations.
      • pre-operative or post-operative monitoring of surgical operations in the anorectal region (i.e. anal fissures, anal fistulas etc.).