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Ultraflow Analgesic Demand Valve


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9 in stock

Analgesic Demand Valve, Brand New, actual photo for one them displayed.

  • Ref: 828-0001
  • English Made by BPR Medical
  • With 3 meters hose and BS 5682 probe/connector
  • Immediate Dispatch
  • Price indicated is for each.
  • Features:
    • Ultraflow analgesic demand valve delivers exceptionally high peak flow rates with low respiratory effort. 
    • It is intended for the self-administration of oxygen or O2/N2O gas mixtures.
    • It benefits from a precision engineered and exceptionally hard ruby valve seat. This unique design eliminates wear and ensures a leak free seal, eliminating the recurrent cost of routine maintenance
    • Enables women to conserve more energy for birth
    • Diverts exhaled breath away from the handset, virtually eliminating the risk of cross-infection
    • Light, mobile, ergonomic, easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance
    • Helped support the UK’s first climate-friendly birth
    • Unlike a conventional breathing system filter, the Ultraflow Exhalation Valve directs exhaled gas away from the delivery device through a one-way valve, eliminating the risk of handset contamination. It also prevents the inhaled gas being diluted by ambient air. The unique one-way valve eliminates filter media resistance during exhalation, resulting in less patient effort throughout the entire breathing cycle.
  • Specifications:
    • Gas Compatibility: O2/N2O mixtures (oxygen models also available)
    • Supply Pressure: 310 kPa to 600 kPa
    • Nominal Valve Cracking Pressure: < 0.18 cmH2O
    • Peak Flow: > 250 L/min
    • Inlet Filtration: 25 μm nominal pore stainless steel mesh
    • Intended Life: 10 years
    • Delivery Connection: 22 mm male conical to EN ISO 5356-1:2004