Siemens Servo I Universal Type ICU ventilators


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Siemens Servo I Universal type, Adult, Peadiatric & Neonatal ICU ventilators, all in very good operational and physical condition, their actual photos attached.

  • – Patient ready with warranty.
  • – 110-240V, 50/60HZ
  • – System Version: 3.0
  • – System Software version: 3.00.02
  • – Fitted with Open Lung Tool & Neb options.
  • – Operating Time(Hours): 54K, 51K and 59K
  • – Price Indicated is for each single unit
Our RM Number(s):
  • 20077
  • 20078
  • 20079
Each Supplied with:
  • NEW O2 cell 
  • Expiratory Cassette
  • Mobile cart with drawer kit
  • Operating Manual.
  • Air & O2 Hoses.
  • Intended for treatment and monitoring of patients in the range of neonates, infants and adults with respiratory failure or respiratory
  • With standard modes: VC (incl. SIMV (VC) + PS), PC (incl. SIMV (PC) + PS), PS/CPAP, PRVC (incl. SIMV (PRVC) + PS), VS, Bi-Vent/APRV and Open Lung Tool
  • A single ventilator to treat every patient, everywhere
  • Servo-i features all the modes you would expect from an advanced ventilation system in one adaptable platform. It also presents a wide range of tools to help you stabilize your patient and wean them off the ventilator
  • The Open Lung Tool makes it easier to assess recruitment efficacy. On-screen values, such as dynamic compliance, assists you during lung recruitment and PEEP titration.


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