Carefusion LTV 1000 Ventilator (New)


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Carefusion LTV 1000 ventilators, all in New condition.

  • ** Never been used, all in its original boxes.
  • ** All made in 2011
  • ** Version: 5.07
  • ** All fitted with New battery pack.
  • ** Price indicated is for EACH unit
  • ** We can add other used accessories, like stand/trolley, circuits support arm or extra external battery, at extra cost. 
RM Number(s):
  • 9081
  • 9082
Supplied with:
  • New standard accessories set
  • Operator’s manual
  • Power supply (Ref: 11448)
  • Patient Circuit Ventilator Adapter
  • Protective Boots
  • Handle & O2 connector
Additional Information: The LTV 1000’s turbine technology eliminates the need for compressed air, allowing transport ventilation whenever and wherever needed. The LTV 1000 ventilator can therefore be employed for use on the ground, in the air and throughout a hospital. It is highly versatile as it can be placed on a stand, in a backpack or mounted within ground/air transport. It can be powered by its internal power which offers an extra layer of power protection for the patient or by connecting directly to a wall outlet. It offers both invasive and non-invasive ventilation modes in Pressure Control, Pressure Support, Volume Control and Spontaneous Breath Types.
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