Olympus EVIS Lucera 260 High-Definition Video-Endoscopy System


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Olympus EVIS Lucera 260 High-Definition Video-Endoscopy System, In very good physical and operational condition, similar to photos displayed.

  • Price Indicated is a starting price for this system with a choice of 1 scope, extra scopes can be added at extra costs.
RM Number(s):  9009
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Full Specification: Official Specification 
Supplied with: This system is consists of:

  • Lucera CV-260SL High-definition processor (220-240VAC , 50/60Hz) + Keyboard
  • Lucera CLV-260SL Xenon Light Source, ( 220-240VAC, 50/6Hz) + Cable MAJ-1530
  • Olympus 26″ High Definition LCD monitor with “VEKON57” Power Supply (Voltage: 100-240V~, Frequency: 50/60Hz).
  • Olympus Trolley with scope hanger and power surge protector “WM-NP1”
  • Pigtail MAJ-1154+ Monitor cable MAJ-1587
  • 1 set of reusable valves
  • Leakage Tester
  • Water Container / Bottle MAJ-901
  • Olympus Cleaning Set

This system can be configured to include any of the following scopes (all subject to availability on time of ordering):

  • Lucera GIF-H260 High-Definition video-Gastroscope
  • Lucera GIF-Q260 video-Gastroscope
  • Lucera GIF-XP260 Thin video-Gastroscope
  • Lucera GIF-XP260N Thin video-Gastroscope
  • Lucera CF-H260DL High Definition Long video-Colonoscope
  • Lucera CF-H260AZL High Definition with Zoom/magnification Long video-Colonoscope
  • Lucera PCF-Q260AL Long thin video-Colonoscope
  • Lucera CF-Q260DL Long video-Colonoscope
  • Lucera TJF-260 video-Duodenoscope
  • Lucera BF-260 video-Bronchoscope

*** Optional extra equipment/peripherals which can be added to the above system:

  • New reusable Biopsy Forceps
  • New reusable Oval Snare
  • New reusable cleaning brushes
  • Olympus PSD-60 with Endoplasma endoscopy diathermy
  • Sony UP-25MD Colour printers, High Definition medical grade A6 size
  • Smith & Nephew 660HD High Definition Image Management System
  • Weyer Minivac ACU suction machine