Drager SPO2 Nellcor Interm cable


10 in stock


10 in stock

Original Drager SPO2 Nellcor type extension cable, all in good physical and operational condition and offered with warranty, available in stock for immediate dispatch.

  • P/N: 3368433
  • 1 meter long.
  • This SpO2 extension cable Dräger/Nellcor is used for Multimed 5/6/12 and NeoMed pods and with any of these Draeger patient monitor models: Infinity Delta, Infinity Delta XL, Infinity Gamma, Infinity Gamma X, Infinity Gamma XL, Infinity Kappa, Infinity Kappa XLT, Infinity Vista, Infinity Vista XL, SC 6000, SC 7000, SC 9000.
  • Price indicated is for each cable