Drager MicroVent ICU/Transport Ventilator


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Drager MicroVent ventilator, available in stock, in very good physical and operational condition.

  • Type: 8412600

Supplied with:

  • Power Supply 230V AC 50/60Hz (P/N 8412074),
  • Flow sensor (P/N 8412034),
  • Flow measuring Hoses (P/N 8410929),
  • Expiratory Valve (8412610),
  • Air & O2 Hoses,
  • Operating Manual
  • Stand/Trolley (P/N 8412585)
  • Ventilator mounting (P/N 8412560).

The MicroVent is time cycled, a volume-constant ventilator for patients with a bodyweight above 15kg, and can be used in Intensive care wards, Recovery rooms and Transporting patients inside the hospital.

Can be used for the ventilation modes:

  • –Controlled ventilation, IPPV
  • –Synchronised, controlled ventilation, SIPPV
  • –Spontaneous breathing with positive airway pressure, CPAP – with optional pressure-support ASB during spontaneous breathing.
RM Number(s):  9239