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The NIPPY Junior provides safe and accurate treatment for younger patients requiring ventilation. Four modes of ventilation, as well as its pressure range, enable treatment for a wide variety of patients.

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B&D NIPPY Junior PAEDIATRIC VENTILATOR, in very good physical and operational condition, its actual photo displayed.
RM Number(s): 9314
Item(s) Serial Number(s): 2007-7025
Additional Information:

  • –The Nippy Junior is a pressure controlled, positive pressure ventilator. It compresses ambient air and delivers it to the patient through a close fitting nasal mask or a tracheotomy. The output pressure, timing and alarms can be adjusted by controls on the fascia panel. The Pressure, estimated Tidal Volume, Rate and all settings are displayed on a colour LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen. The screen can be set to dim after a pre-set time (accessed via the user preferences in the main menu). To restore the display, press any button once. The basic ventilator settings can be achieved using the four buttons to the left of the display. The four buttons to the right of the display adjust the alarms and provide access to more advanced features and adjustments (accessed via a menu).
  • — There are 4 modes of ventilation:- CPAP, IPAP (Pressure Support), EPAP (Pressure Control) & IPPV
  • — The Nippy Junior is designed to augment ventilation in children with acute or chronic type 2 respiratory failure. Patients who suffer from nocturnal hypoventilation are chiefly those with failure of the respiratory pump, though any concomitant lung disease is also deleterious. The main groups of patients who develop this problem are: – Patients with respiratory muscle weakness. E.g. diaphragm paresis, myopathies, old polio, motor neurone disease. Patients with skeletal deformity e.g. scoliosis, thoracoplasty Improvement of ventilation during sleep by non-invasive techniques in these patients will correct the diurnal abnormalities of blood gases.
Full Specification:
  • 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Made in 2007
  • Version: 1.2
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  • Padded Carry bag