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Olympus Resectoscope Set


Olympus Resectoscope Set, in stock at the moment for immediate dispatch, in excellent physical and operational condition, set’s actual photo displayed.
RM Number(s):  9108
Item(s) Serial Number(s):
  • Olympus A22061A Working Element Passive
  • Olympus A42011A Rotatable Continuous Flow Resectoscope OES-PRO CFR inner Resection sheath, 8 mm/26 Fr.
  • Olympus A42021A OES-PRO CFR outer sheath, 8.5 mm/26 Fr. with 2 stopcocks, rotatable.
  • Olympus A22081A OES-Pro Obturator.
  • Olympus A00012A HF cable, monopolar, 4 m length & 8mm male plug, can be used with Compatible HF units: Olympus UES-30/-40, Erbe International, new generation Valleylab, Bovie, Bowa
  • Olympus A22205A x 1 HF-resection electrode, loop, 30°, 0.35 wire
  • Olympus A2183 x 1 HF-resection electrode, loop, 12°, 0.35 wire
  • Olympus A2189 x 2 28FR roller ball electrodes