Olympus GIF-2T20 Therapeutic Gastroscope


Olympus GIF-2T20 Therapeutic Fiber-Gastroscope with 2 biopsy channels, in Very good physical and operational condition, scope’s actual photo displayed.
RM Number:  9129
Item Serial Number:  2200613
Scope Model:  GIF-2T20
Scope Type:  Gastroscope
Insertion Tube Diameter (mm):  12.6
Biopsy Channel Size (mm):  3.7/2.8
Field Of View (o):  100
Direction Of View:  Forward
Depth Of Field (mm):  3-100
Working Length (cm):  103
Angulation – Up (o):  210
Angulation – Down (o):  90
Angulation – Right (o):  100
Angulation – Left (o):  100
Light Sources Compatible with:
  • CLK-3/4
  • CLV
  • CLV-10/U20/40
Image Quality:  Excellent
Leak Test:  Pass
Angulations:  OK
Buttons:  N/A
Optics:  Excellent – No broken fibers
Control Body:  Very good
Insertion Tube:  Excellent
Light Guide Tube:  Very good
Light Bundle:  Very Good
Sleeves:  Very good
Biopsy Channel:  Clear
Additional Information:
Full Specification:
Supplied with:  In a protective case
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