Codan green Stream VO-P Argus 414 Infusion Pumps


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Codan green Stream VO-P Argus 414 Standard set Infusion Pumps, Cost-efficient Standard IV Administration set Infusion pumps.

  • Supplied with: Drop sensor/detector Ref: 10.089, mounting clamp and operating manual
  • Price indicated is for Each Unit.
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– Product Features:

  • -• Swiss made.
  • -• It can be used in standard applications requiring the highest degree of accuracy, as well as in special cancer therapies, blood transfusions and enteral nutrition.
  • – • 4 IV administration sets individually configured and calibrated
  • – • Real time clock for registration of over 200 history events
  • – • Flow rate up to 999 ml/h with cost-efficient standard IV administration set
  • – • Setting of a new flow rate, BOLUS rate and BOLUS volume, without flow interruption
  • – • “Transport” feature to avoid unwanted drop alarms during patient transport
  • – • Automatic occlusion pressure release
  • – • Easy setting of the occlusion pressure alarm level (10 pressure levels) and permanent bar graph display of the actual line pressure
  • – • Clearing of infused volume, without flow interruption
  • – • Easy checking of the battery remaining operation time
  • – • Automatically calculation of the infusion rate by volume and time