Allen PAL Stirrup type Pair set


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Allen PAL Stirrup with Feather Lift set, in fair physical and good operational condition, their actual photo displayed.

  • Direct Placement Leg holder used for Gynaecology / Urology
  • Weight Capacity: 159kg
  • Ref: 10023
  • Supplied with used Boots pads with cushion inserts set
  • Price indicated is for the pair set right and left stirrups.


  • PAL Stirrups delivers many of the great features of the PAL Pro but with controlled abduction. The abduction safety
  • zone is estimated to be up to 12.5° from midline and the PAL stirrups abduct at 12.5° as they are elevated.
  • There are adjustments to allow the boot to slide and be securely placed anywhere on the pole frame in either direction, position or tilt with hand nuts to secure position. There is 15.5″ of travel on the carriage.
  • Feather Lift mechanism is protected by rigid, durable cover.
  • Indexed rods to aid in duplicating positioning. 
  • Ideal for use with the following procedures: TAVH, LAVH, Colposcopy, Cryosurgery, LEEP Procedure, D&C, General Surgery, AP Resections, Cysto Procedures, Oncology Procedures, Radical Perineal Prostatectomy, Robotic Surgical Procedures

New pole mount socket clamps (pair) to attach to the OR table can be supplied at Extra £90 each.




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