Spembly PCG-R Portable Cryosurgical Gun


1 in stock


1 in stock

Spembly PCG-R Portable Cryosurgical Gun in very good physical and operational condition, its actual photo displayed.

  • For Generak use, Obs/Gyn and Podiatry applications to cause Ctyo-adhesion, inflammatory response or cryo-necrosis.
  • It can be used with medical grade either NO2 or CO2.
  • Model: SR.1.R

Supplied with:

  • Multi-tip Cryoprobe gun with 5 tips ( model: R5C20, R19C2, R9O15, R3C30 & R3C34)
  • Cylinder pressure regulator/control
  • N2O Pin-Index type cylinder adapter
  • 5 x spare O-rings
  • Cylinder Key
  • Hard protective case with key