WISAP CERVIX Coagulator with 7 probes


1 in stock


1 in stock

WISAP CERVIX electrothermal Coagulator, in very good physical and operational condition, its actual photo displayed.

  • Type: 6001
  • 220V – 50/60Hz – 66VA

Used for simple, reliable, cost-effective treatment for low-grade CIN AND used exclusively for the treatment of benign Erythroplakia, Portio Endometriosis, Ovula Nabothi, Chronic Cervicitis and for Hemostasis after conization. Coagulation at 60-120°C. Painless procedure during the consultation. Exact control of depth penetration. Odorless procedure. Rapid healing without disturbing discharge. The patient does not have any contact with electricity. The duration of treatment is less than one minute. No postoperative cervical scarring

Supplied with:

  • Thermal Probe Connecting Lead.
  • Coagulator Probe A, REF: 6002
  • Coagulator Probe B, REF: 6003
  • Coagulator Probe C, REF: 6004
  • Coagulator Probe D, REF: 6005
  • Coagulator Probe F, REF: 6007
  • Coagulator Probe G, REF: 6008
  • Coagulator Probe H, REF: 6009

A mobile stand can also be added at extra £150