Viasys NicoletOne 36 Channel Clinical EEG


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Viasys NicoletOne 36 channel Clinical EEG system, in very good physical and operational condition, Unit’s actual photo displayed.

This System is consist of the following:

  • – Viasys Nic36 Amplifier/Headbox Ref: 222-466900.
  • – PC Pentium 4, CPU 3.2GHz, 500MB RAM. Windows XP Professional
  • – Software fitted: Viasys NicVue Ver. 2.6.8 and Viasys Clinical EEG Module Ver. 4.1.
  • – Viasys NicPCMCIA Optical Interface Card Ref: 222-467000
  • – Viasys NicLED Photic Simulator Ref: 222-467400.
  • – Sony Color Video Camera, Model: EVI-D70P.
  • – NEC 19″ LCD Monitor MultiSync LCD1770NX.
  • – Ergotron Workstation/Cart with adjustable hight LCD Arm, drawer and Pole.
  • – Audio microphone system.
  • – Keyboard & Mouse
  • – Operating manual.


  • -NicoletOne CLINICAL EEG (cEEG) The NicoletOne cEEG blends functional sophistication and flexibility in a 36 channel clinical EEG system. The Nic36 amplifier is attached with a thin, durable, fiber-optic interface impervious to electrical, radio and magnetic interference.
  • – ADVANCED HARDWARE The perfect blending of form and function, every component of the NicoletOne Clinical EEG (cEEG) module from VIASYS Healthcare has been specifically designed to help you get the most from the system. From the acquisition components of the system and the data they gather, to the ergonomically designed system controls, you will find exceptional efficiency, comfort, and usability with NicoletOne cEEG. Even the cables and connections are lighter, easier to use and provide faster, easier hook-up within the system and through your local area network (LAN).
  • – DIGITAL VIDEO With the availability of digital video coupled with the traditional EEG the subtleties often missed by the single observer can now be examined in great detail. The digital video capabilities that NicoletOne Clinical EEG (cEEG) provides enhance functionality to make your exams more precise and interpretable.
  • -SOFTWARE Several advancements in the software used in the NicoletOne Clinical EEG (cEEG) module bring you improved accuracy in your analysis and outstanding customizability. New frequency and amplitude measurement tools make it quick and easy to make the measurements you need to diagnose effectively. Simply drag a box around the section of EEG data you want to analyze, and the system automatically measures the frequency and amplitude of the signal in that section. You can store measurements to the patient exam and transfer them directly to the EEG report. This saves time, ensuring accuracy and increasing your productivity. Page Compare enhances your interpretation by comparing sections of EEG data, or through synchronizing and linking of the playback controls, page through the same event with different montages. The new user interface uses intuitive icons and controls. The software is not only easy to learn, it’s easy to use and customize to meet your specific needs. Storable user preferences for both acquisition and review, allow users to configure and operate NicoletOne to their specific requirements, without compromising settings or the need to reconfigure the system software between users.