Siemens Sonoline Adara


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Product code: P07071-18 

Siemens Sonoline Adara, in very good physical and operational condition, its actual photo displayed.

  • – A 2D black and white general abdominal and Obs/Gyn system.
  • – 230V AC 50/60Hz
  • – Model: GM-6705A2E00
  • – Mfg. Date: Feb. 2002
  • – Installed Options: MOD, P/N: 5930735 and CINE, P/N: 5930727
  • – Supplied with 2 probes: General abdominal Obs/Gyn 5MHz Convex probe model: 5.0C40S, P/N: 4529306-L0850 and 6.5MHz Transvaginal probe model: 6.5EV13S, P/N: 4529371-L0850

A monochrome Sony or Mitsubishi Printer can also be supplied with it at extra £290.


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