Philips G5 M1019A Aneasthesia Gas module


3 in stock


3 in stock

Philips G5 M1019A Aneasthesia Gas module, all in very good physical and operational condition, module’s actual photo displaied.

  • Prod. No.: M1019A
  • All made in 2010
  • Offered Calibrated with warranty
  • Ref: M1019-60060
  • Ref: 6871900-08
  • 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Price indicated is for each module.
  • In stock for immediate dispatch.

This Philips G5 M1019A Anesthetic Gas Module works with the IntelliVue MP20, MP30,MP40,MP50, MP60,MP70, MX400, MX450, MX500, MX550, MX700 and MX800 patient Monitor with H30  Option. The Intellivue gas modules M1019A provides measurements and dispaly Numerics, waveforms, and trends of 5 Aneasthesia Agents (Sevo, Iso, Hal, Des and Enflurane), CO2, O2 and N2O, Airway respiration rate and MAC Values.