Olympus SonoSurg G2


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Olympus SonoSurg Laparoscopy Generator for Ultrasonic Dissection, in Very good physical and operational condition.

  • Model: SonoSurg-G2
  • 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • S/N: 1216827

Supplied with:

  • – 2 x Auto-cleavable SonoSurg-T2H Transducers.
  • – Handel-pistol style Model: T3130, auto-cleavable and 360degree rotatable.
  • – Auto-cleavable Instrument Inserts, Straight Scissor T3130 and Hook T3060
  • – 2 x Auto-cleavable sterilization boxes.
  • – MAJ-51 Footswitch.

SonoSurg is an ultrasonic surgical system that features speedy cutting and powerful, yet appropriate, coagulation, with a wide range of fully auto-cleavable 5mm reusable hand instruments.

Simultaneous cutting and coagulation for open and laparoscopic surgery HF-compatible Compatible with ultrasonic aspirator, e.g. for liver resection