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Medtronic XPS 3000 Powered System


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Medtronic XPS 3000 Powered System, in very good physical and operational condition, its actual photo displayed.
RM Number(s):  9122
Item(s) Serial Number(s):  113393
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Full Specification:
Supplied with:
  • XPS 3000 Console with Coolant and Irrigation pumps, Ref: 1897102
  • Footswitch, REF: 1895400
  • VISAO High-Speed Otologic Drill, Ref: 33-34800
  • Bur Guard w/ Irrigation, Ref: 33-34635
  • Bur Guard w/o Irrigation, Ref: 33-34625
  • Irrigation Sleeve, Ref: 33-34610
  • Disposable Hi-Speed Drill Coolant Tubing Set, Ref: 3318506, exp 2019/03
  • Disposable Irrigation Tubing Set, Sterile, Ref: 3318503, exp 2019/03
  • – Ref: 18-97102
  • – 100-24VAC 50/60Hz

The XPS 3000 is a versatile powered system is intended for the incision and removal of soft and hard tissue or bone in general otorhinolaryngology, head and neck, and neurological surgery. An integral pump is provided for irrigation and a second pump provided for handpiece cooling.

  • This system lets you choose just the amount of power you need, whether it’s high performance for frontal sinusotomies or ultra-low speed oscillation for delicate airway cases.
  • The XPS 3000 system is indicated for use in orthopedic surgical procedures where the cutting and removal of soft and hard tissue or bone is required. These include spinal and small and large joint arthroscopic procedures.
  • Integrated dual-pump design provides irrigation for Straight shot micro-debrider blades and for all burs and pumps coolant through the Visao High-Speed Otologic Drill
  • Easy-to-use procedure display suggests operating parameters for a variety of ENT procedures.
  • Otology/Neurotology indications include aural atresia, cholesteatoma, cochleostomy, development of a suture tunnel for cochlear implant fixation, drainage of petrous cyst from endaural and middle-fossa approach, endolymphatic hydrops, exostosis lesion removal, facial nerve decompression, mastoidectomy, mastoidectomy, ossicular chain reconstruction (OCR), otosclerosis, removal of ear tumors including acoustic neuroma, tympanoplasty and vestibular neurectomy.
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