Eschmann MRS Operating Table


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Eschmann MRS general purpose, four section, mobile operating table, in very good physical and operational condition, its actual photo displayed.

Features: four section major operating table, with Extendable control handle and selector lever for Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, lateral tilt and flexion/extension, with full length radiolucent top. One handed adjustment of head and leg sections. Removable and interchangeable head and leg sections with autolocking. Leg section with detachable top section. Hydraulic foot operated height adjustment. Combined wheel, castor and brake pedal. Column and base covered in stainless steel. Table supplied with moulded anti-static mattress. Unique single control handle for all positions, Fully accessible for C-arm 360 deg table-top rotation independent of base Flexibility for all surgical procedures Stainless steel base and column, easy to clean and splash-proof, 90deg chair position.


  • Operating top length: 188cm.
  • Operating Width: 56.5cm
  • Maximum Height 104.8cm
  • Minimum Height: 73.5cm
  • Maximum Extension: 215 degree
  • Maximum Tilt: 15 degree left and right
  • Maximum Load: 135Kg on trunk section, and 50Kg on either head or leg sections
  • Net weight: 196Kg