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deSoutter Pneumatic D30 Microdrives


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Product code: D30 


deSoutter Pneumatic Maxillofacial/Oral/ENT Microdrives set, in very good physical and operational condition, its actual photo displayed.
RM Number(s):  9094
Supplied with: This set consists of the following handpieces and accessories:
* 2 X D30-100 Micro Drill
* 1 x D32-100 Micro Sagittal Saw
* 1 x D33-100 Micro Oscillating Saw
* 1 x D34-100 Micro Reciprocating Saw
* 2 x D35-100 Micro Wire Driver
* 2 x Air Hoses with BS MA7 probes
* 11 x Drills
* 11 x Burrs
* 14 x K wire Grippers coloured
* 6 x K Wires (WS0906ST)
* 1 x Key (KEY00004)
* 1 x Burr Guard Long (BURR0031)
* 1 x Burr Guard Ex Long (M10002)
Specification: The DeSuotter MicroDrive range of compact air powered micro instruments permits the full spectrum of small bone procedures to be performed with speed and accuracy. The system is dedicated and comprises the following The handpieces display the following features:

  • Delicate, progressive finger tip lever throttle with safety lock
  • 360 swivel hose elbow
  • Twist-lock chuck fitted to drill and oscillating saw makes burs and blades easy to change


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