Datex-Ohmeda S/5 Compact Anesthesia


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Datex-Ohmeda S/5 Compact Anesthesia patient monitors with large 12.1″ color LCD display, actual photo displayed for one of them, all in very good physical and operational condition.

  • Offered with 1 year warranty and Patient Ready
  • Price indicated is for each
  • Model: F-CM1
  • 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Supplied with a set of New Accessories (Human or Vet).

Each will can be supplied with any of these modules:

  • **  M-PRESTN (ECG/RESP, SPO2, NIBP, 2 x Temp & 2 x IBP)
  • ** M-CO Gas module (ETCO2, FiCO2, FiO2, EtO2 & N2O)
  • ** M-CAiO Gas + Agents module (5 Agents, ETCO2, FiCO2, FiO2, EtO2 & N2O)
  • ** M-CAiOV Gas + Agents + Spirometry module (5 Agents, Spirometry, ETCO2, FiCO2, FiO2, EtO2 & N2O)

Features: Can display Up to 8 waveforms and 4 numeric digit fields. Large waveforms and numeric for easy viewing. Ideally suited for PACU and day surgery monitoring. Basic hemodynamics and full airway gas measurements. Rugged, shock-resistant design offers a built-in battery and handle for intra-hospital transport monitoring.

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