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Carefusion LTV 1200 ICU Ventilator (New)


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Carefusion LTV 1200 Ventilator, for use in ICU, ER and patient transport with invasive or noninvasive ventilation pre-sets, units actual photos displayed.

  • Brand New and still in its original boxes, their actual photo displayed.
  • For Adult, pediatric and Infant (from 5Kg)
  • Made in 2014
  • Version: 5.09
  • Fitted with New internal rechargeable battery.
  • Price indicated is for each unit.
Supplied with:  New standard accessories set.
RM Number(s): 9051
  • The small, lightweight LTV 1200 ventilator provides sophisticated critical care ventilation in austere environments. The ventilator supports both invasive and noninvasive applications.
  • The ventilator also provides a wide range of ventilation therapies to meet demanding patient needs, including volume control, pressure control, pressure support and spontaneous breath types. Combined with the spontaneous breathing trial function, the ultra-sensitive flow trigger facilitates weaning.
  • the LTV 1200 ventilator has intuitive controls and comprehensive monitoring capabilities that can play an essential role in day-today healthcare delivery and mass-casualty medical care.
  • With built-in Oxygen resource management tool reduces oxygen consumption, with an oxygen blender using High Pressure or Low Flow/Low-Pressure Oxygen and with flow trigger and internal PEEP compensation
  • Turbine technology in the LTV 1200 transport ventilator eliminates the need for a high-pressure air source, allowing transport ventilation where and when you need it. 
  • Single solution for any patient weighing 5 kg or more
  • Compact, deployable design, with Versatility with highly customizable settings to support patient success.
  • Quick patient ventilation: Choose infant, pediatric or adult to quickly configure initial ventilation before
    optimizing settings for each patient’s needs. This feature aids simple and effective emergency set-up.
Extra Accessories can be added at extra costs:
  • Floor stand Trolley with Utility basket
  • Color Touch screen and
  • Carefusion LTV Sprint Pack Power System
  • Extra external batteries
  • Carrying Case W/ Sprint Pack Pouch
  • Circuit support arm
  • Physical specifications with boots (approx.)
    Weight: 14.5 lb (6.5 kg)
    Height: 3.25” (8.4 cm)
    Width: 10.5” (27 cm)
    Depth: 13.5” (38 cm)
  • Controls
    Power: On/Standby
    Ventilation modes: Control, Assist/Control,
    Breath types: VC, PC, PS and spontaneous
    Breath rate: 0–80 BPM
    Tidal volume: 50–2,000 mL
    Inspiratory time: 0.3–9.9 sec
    PC/PS/Spontaneous flow: 160 LPM
    Pressure control: 1–99 cmH2O
    Pressure support: 1–60 cmH2O
    Sensitivity Off: 1–9 LPM
    O2%: 21–100%
    O2 flush: 1–3 min
    Low pressure O2: On/Off
    PEEP/CPAP: 0–20 cmH2O
    Insp/Exp hold: 6 seconds maximum
    Manual breath: 1x current settings
    Control lock: Easy or hard unlock options
  • Pneumatic specifications
    High pressure O2 source: 40–80 PSIG (2.8–5.5 bar)
    Low pressure O2 source: < 80 LPM, < 10 PSIGPneumatic:

Monitors and Controls:

  • Peak Inspiratory Pressure: 0–120 cmH2O
  • Mean Airway Pressure: 0–99 cmH2O
  • PEEP: 0–99 cmH2O
  • Breath Rate: 0–250 BPM
  • Airway Pressure Display: -10–108 cmH2O
  • Exhaled Tidal Volume: 0–4,000 mL
  • Exhaled Minute Volume: 0–99.9 L
  • I:E Ratio: 99:1–1:99
  • Calculated Peak Flow: 10–100 LPM
  • AutoPEEP: 0–100 cmH2O
  • Static Compliance: 1–999 mL/cmH2O
  • Patient Effort: Green LED

Extended Features:

  • SBT
  • Ventilator presets (infant, pediatric and adult)
  • Variable rise time
  • Variable flow termination
  • Variable time termination
  • Pressure control flow termination
  • Leak compensation
  • O2 conserve
  • O2 cylinder duration calculation
  • O2 flush
  • Apnea interval

Fixed Alarms:

  • Disconnect/Sense
  • External power low and lost
  • High and low O2 inlet pressure
  • Internal battery low and empty
  • Ventilator inoperative
  • Variable alarms
    Apnea interval: 10–60 sec
    High pressure limit: 5–100 cmH2O
    Low peak pressure Off: 1–60 cmH2O
    Low minute volume Off: 0.1–99 L
    High PEEP Off: 3–20 cmH2O above set PEEP
    Low PEEP Off: -3– -20 cmH2O below set PEEP
    High rate Off: 5–80 BPM
    Alarm volume: 60–85 dBA
  • Power indicators
    External power: Green and amber LEDs
    Battery charge status: Green, amber and red LEDs
    Battery level: Green, amber and red LEDs
  • Power specifications
    Ventilator input 11–15 VDC
    AC adapter input 100–250 VAC
    50–60 Hz