Imotech SureScope D3i Scope Guide


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1 in stock

Imotech SureScope D3i Scope Guide, in very good physical and operational condition, system’s actual photos displayed.

  • This system is capable of a 3 Dimensional presentation of any Colonoscope types and compatible with most brands like: Fujinon, Olympus, Pentax and Storz.
  • Surescope 3Di with Its advanced software and 3D graphics offer a superb replication of a colonoscope during navigation, in movement and loop recognition. This makes it the perfect training tool for those new to colonoscopy, whilst aiding difficult cases to ensure discomfort is minimised for the patient. This catheter-based system can be used with endoscopes from any manufacturer, as well as a wide range of Fujinon models including the DBE system.
    • Advanced 3D graphics
    • Record and playback functionality
    • Articulating receiver dish
    • Single trolley system

Supplied with: 

  • 3Di system on trolley
  • 2.3mter catheter probe
  • probe introducer
  • Marker Box
  • Catheter box
  • 3Di touch screen computer
  • 3Di positional Panel/receiver dish fitted on articulate arm.
  • Operating Manual
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